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Love Yourself UK is a group of certified Therapists who specialise in Detoxification. As part of our service, we provide Colon Hydrotherapy treatment and Juice Therapy. We believe that removing toxicity with colon hydrotherapy and replacing deficiency with natural juice therapy will give you a fresh start. Don't forget many disease start in the gut, and the digestive system - our own internal waste disposal - plays a very important role in our overall wellbeing.

Love Yourself is owned by Andrea Okos, who is not only a Certified Colonic Hydrotherapist, but more than that: being a Health Coach and a Natural Juice Therapist, she will give you useful advises on dietary changes you might want to make to complement your colonic experience. Her support won’t end when you leave the Clinic, but she is there for you to answer any questions you might have in between procedures as well. Andrea’s goal is to help you achieve your overall health goals, which has many aspects, both physical and emotional, mostly if you are going through a major detox program.


Our mission is to inspire you to become the person who you would like to be, while teaching you to love yourself and achieve your goals. As we are more than a colonic hydrotherapy clinic, but more like a detox center, we aim to provide you with a full package of overall detox plan and long term support. Major changes that will last cannot be achieved overnight. Our mission is to support you all the way in your journey. Andrea herself - who used to suffer with severe eczema - went through this journey and she knows exactly both the physical and emotional aspects of an overall cleansing. It wasn’t easy, but with the right support it can be done! And very much worth it. Andrea literally changed her life around and her mission is to help you do the same.

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Our Clinic

On your arrival to our Clinic you will find a very relaxed atmosphere. First, you can spend some time to relax and settle down after your travel to us. Having a relaxed body is key part of a successful colonic treatment, so we aim to get you in that state even before starting the procedure.

Then you will have a discussion with our therapist to assess your issues and set your goals, which is followed by you getting familiar with how the procedure works – answering all questions you might have.

The procedure itself takes about 35 -45 minutes, receiving a continuous feedback from your therapist. When we are finished, we will go over your after-care and you can decide on your next steps.


Our clinic is very easy to reach as it is located in Kingston Natural Health Centre's premises, in the same street as the famous "Falling down telephone boxes", 2 minutes from the High street and 5 minutes from the train station or the main bus lines.
The famous "Out of Order" by David Mach
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Photo by: Walter Koscielniak via Wikimedia Commons

Our Team

A group of friendly and highly skilled therapists to give you a comfortable and safe therapy session.

Owner - Colonic HydrotherapyAndrea Okos
Certified Health Coach, Natural Juice Therapist, Certified Colon Hydrotherapist.

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Our aim is for our clients to feel they had a great experience.
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About Us

Love Yourself Detox Centre offers detox packages using both Colonic Hydrotherapy and Natural Juice Therapy to help you achieve your health goals.

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