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Gut Bacteria

We usually see bacteria as something bad for our health. Obviously we don’t want bacteria getting into our food or getting us ill. However we all have a whole colony of bacteria in our own bodies.

They mostly live in our gut. The key to a good health is the right proportion of good versus bad bacteria. The bacteria in our gut can be one of the strongest helpers in getting us healthier or, if in the wrong proportion, it can be our own enemies.

“Good” bacteria improve digestion, and strengthen our immune system, but on the other hand, “bad” bacteria can cause bloating, skin conditions, and all kind of other issues.

The key is to balance our gut bacteria, limiting the bad and encouraging the good.

Most of the time we don’t realize how our eating can influence the composition of our gut bacteria and in results our overall health. When we cannot digest our food properly and/or our elimination is not exactly the best, our food will sit in our digestive tract for too long and starts to putrefy, which is the best environment for the bad bacteria overgrowth.

How can you make sure to get the right balance back? First of all you need to have a good cleanout with colonic hydrotherapy that can significantly improve the internal environment. Having a series of colonic treatments will remove fecal matter and mucus that bad bacteria are thriving in; as a result you will be able to allow a healthy playing ground for your good bacteria to compete in.

Then you combine your colonic treatment with pro-biotics and you feed them with pre-biotic foods, e.g. fermented food like sauerkraut, or yogurt, kefir as well as miso soup – the result: you will achieve the right balance in your gut.

In addition you need to make sure you manage your stress level, as one of the most important tasks you can do to balance gut bacteria is to make “stress management” as your first priority – make sure you sleep enough and have those Epsom salt bath to make your body relax and detoxify.

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