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Symptoms of discomfort in our digestive system and food intolerance

In this blog I am going to talk about typical digestive issues, the reasons for having these issues and what you can do to feel better.

What I am not going to talk about here are the major digestive problems like IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Crohn’s disease, Celiac disease, Gastritis, Colon Cancer or similar diseases. If you feel you might have any of these or you would like to figure out whether your conditions are a result of major illnesses, you need to immediately seek professional medical attention. Don’t try to diagnose yourself or wait too long.

But if you have already talked to your GP, you had tests done and they say nothing is wrong with you, but you still feel major discomfort from bloating, wind, indigestion or constipation, you might just need to change a few things around to relieve these symptoms.

There are a lot of people suffering with these condition, and visit me for some advice and immediate solutions through colonic hydrotherapy.

So what are the typical reasons?

First of all think about our ancestors, the hunter-gathers. What was their stress factor? E.g.: Running away from large animals. Do you think they were having a snack in the meantime when they run for their lives? I would say, most probably not. When they were eating, they sat down, in a relatively calm environment (maybe in a safe place like a cave) and enjoyed their food. The digestive system had a chance to do its work properly.

Nowadays our stress factors are very different. And it is not just for the moment. We are continuously under stress. And we have our food on the run, sitting at the computer, watching TV or being on our phone. The attention of our body is not on digestion. We do not give our system a chance to work properly. So first of all, when you eat, try to not do anything else. Choose a relaxed environment and enjoy your food. Start by smelling it, as digestive juices are going to start to be produced in the anticipation of eating when you smell a nice meal coming.

What is the next problem? We are rushed and we swallow our food very quickly without really chewing properly. So first, we will swallow air that includes gases which will sit in our system causing bloating. Second, saliva produces digestive enzymes, which means digestion starts in the mouth, mostly digestion of carbohydrates. In case we don’t keep our food long enough in our mouth, we missed the opportunity to start the process. So start to chew your food properly.

The next problem might be that we don’t produce enough digestive enzymes in the stomach or the right once for the food we are eating or we don’t have enough acidity to break down our food. Age, stress, food intolerances are the typical reasons for the above. As a start, you can try to have ginger, peppermint, fennel to help improve the production of digestive enzymes. You can have them in the form of a nice herbal tea, or you can just chew on them. If it still seems it doesn’t work, you can try digestive enzyme supplements. But ultimately, if your body is not able to deal with certain foods, it might be a sign of food intolerance.

Protein is typically broken down in the stomach, but if that process didn’t work well for the above reasons, our food will stay in our system for longer, and will start to putrefy causing smelly wind. Also it becomes a very nice environment for the multiplication of bad bacteria that also produce gas when chewing on your not well digested food, which will also cause us to become bloated.

Bacteria help us break down our food further in our system, but if we have more of the wrong bacteria then the good once, it won’t be as successful. To rebalance our gut flora, eating food rich in probiotic or prebiotic will help us repopulate our friendly bacteria. These types of foods are natural plan yogurt, fermented food like sauerkraut, any many more. But you can also choose a probiotic supplement. The advice on that is to try a certain brand for four weeks, and if it seems not working change brands around, as our bacteria might be very different from somebody next to us, and we need to try repopulate our own bacteria. As such, we will need to try different brands to see which one works for us.

Other reasons for bloating and wind might be a sudden change in diet. We all want to be a little healthier, and many people decide to try to eat better. But in many cases we make changes from one day to another embarking on a new diet trend or just increasing fibre intake which we learned it’s good for us. There is nothing wrong with that, except a sudden drastic change won’t benefit our digestive system. We need to make changes gradually. And if we increase fibre, we need to start drinking much more water, as fibre won’t work without the added water. Instead will just stay for too long in our system and will cause a reverse effect of becoming even more bloated. Baby steps are the key to every change.

What else can help? Massaging your tummy, exercising or eliminating food items you are intolerant to. Also colonic hydrotherapy will help get rid of accumulated toxins and food that has been sitting in your system putrefying and helping bad bacteria to multiply. If you would like to learn more about colonic hydrotherapy or food intolerance visit Andrea’s website.

As a summary, what can you do to improve your symptoms of digestive issue?

  • Eat in a relaxed environment without distractions
  • Chew your food properly
  • Take supplements (digestive enzyme and/or probiotics)
  • Try to avoid stress, exercise
  • Eat food rich in probiotics
  • Change diet gradually, sudden change might cause reverse effect
  • Adding fibre to your diet is good, but has to be done gradually; also increase water intake to help fibre pass through your system
  • Take a few colonic hydrotherapy session for an immediate relieve and for a quick start to your new you and to help get rid of accumulated toxins and food that has been in your system for too long
  • Take a food intolerance test to know what type of food items to eliminate for a few months (you can reintroduce these items later on when your symptoms got better – so don’t panic, you don’t need to eliminate your preferred food forever)

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