Practices and Specialties

  • Natural Juice Therapist through Juice Master Academy in the United Kingdom
  • Certified Health Coach through Dr. Sears Wellness Institute in the United States
  • Certified Colonic Hydrotherapist through Dotolo Europe and the National College of Coon Hydrotherapy
  • Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach with the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (an affiliate program with the Institute of Functional Medicine)


  • The Global Professional Association for Colon Therapy (GPACT)
  • Light Centre Monument (View my Profile)
  • The Complementary Medical Association
  • Juicemaster Juice Therapist
  • Certified Naturopath at the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)
  • Association of Registered Colon Hydrotherapists (ARCH Colonics)

Volunteering Activities

  • Leader of the Kingston IBS Support Group
  • Treasurer of the Association of Registered Colon Hydrotherapists


  • Enrolled in the Nutritional Therapy Diploma Course with the Institute Of Optimum Nutrition
juice master academy certificate
juice master academy certificate
complementary medical association registered
Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council
Association of Registered Colon Hydrotherapists

Andrea Okos

Dr. Sears Health Coach, Natural Juice Therapist & Colonic Hydro Therapist

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A lot of people are asking me how and why I’ve got into Colonic Hydrotherapy. Most of the people don’t even like to talk about this topic. Usually it is a taboo. But as a Colonic Therapist you talk a lot about poo. A lot. I mean, people are going to open up to you about their habits as finally there is somebody to talk to about their struggle. I didn’t even imagine how many people have been suffering because of digestive issues or illnesses related to the gut or developed because of gut problems. But I used to be one of them. Still, you sometimes think you are alone. All my life (until I found detoxification) I have been struggling with constipation, severe skin condition, brain fog, tiredness, moodiness, and later obesity. And there was no solution. The traditional medicine offers you steroid creams and a good advice: “learn to live with it.” But you cannot learn to live with it. You are trying to accept yourself, you are trying to love yourself, but you end up hating every moment when you are tired, when your skin is inflamed, when you need help with even washing a plate as if you touch just simple clean water you are already in agony.

So it was a moment when I said it is ENOUGH! I started to read a lot and researched to find a solution. I feel lucky. I feel very lucky I had eczema and that it was inflamed, and that I gained so much weight because of toxins accumulated in my body as of the many years of constipation. You are probably asking what? You feel lucky? Yes, I do. Otherwise I would have not wanted to make changes to my lifestyle. When you are really ill, you would do anything, literally anything to get better. And that drive changed my life.

I found juicing and colonics. And I started the journey of detoxification. And I loved it. Well I didn’t like the first few weeks or months. It was nasty: withdrawal symptoms, headaches, feeling even worse then before. But I kept going. How worse it can get? From there it can only get better. But I loved the results: my eczema disappeared totally in a few months (never returned) and as a side effect the extra pounds were melting away. And not just that, but my mood, my energy level, my love of life. I became a totally different person. Not just physically but internally as well.

And most importantly I became so passionate about the results they brought me. I couldn’t stop: just in a few months I qualified both as a Juice Therapist and a Colonic Therapist. And now my mission is to make an impact, to help others. I wish I would have known earlier what to do. But I have the knowledge now, and I am here to share it with YOU. It wasn’t hard when I founded my company to come up with a name. Love Yourself – yes, I started to love myself, this totally different person. And I want to help you do the same. I want you to love yourself. You are worth it!!! You shouldn’t struggle with pain and constipation, you shouldn’t be overweight, or feeling bloated. Your brain fog is not part of getting older. Your energy level shouldn’t be low, well unless you are at least 100 years old. What I am trying to say, it is easily said, yes, I am getting old. That’s why I don’t have energy, that’s why I feel sleepy at 2pm, that’s why I have digestive issues, etc. etc. etc. No, all these symptoms are not related to age, are related to lifestyle. And I can help you with some strategies to start to make changes.

And I feel I am still only just in the beginning of my journey. A lot more to come, I promise and I hope to see you in my clinic soon.

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