Pelly Fenix

Practices and Specialties

  • Certified Colon Hydrotherapist through Dotolo Europe
  • Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor Dublin Ireland
  • Kemetic Yoga Instructor
  • Somatic Bodywork Therapist (Barbra Brennan School)

Pelly Fenix

Colonic Hydrotherapy and Personal Trainer

Pelly Fenix, besides being a Colonic Hydrotherapist, she is also a certified fitness instructor and somatic bodywork therapist. She leads a very active life and is a firm believer in the importance of daily ritual (habits/practices) to ensure optimal health of mind and body. Pelly splits her time between the UK and her second home and retreat centre in the mountains of Portugal.

For Pelly, her holistic approach to health started when she was in her teen years. She has always been very active and looked after her body well. (so, she thought). She used to believe that eating less of the bad foods was ok. She also used prescription medicines to ‘clean’ her gut. This used to make her very sick, leaving her with dry skin in addition to weakened immune system. Then she did some research and discovered the connection between what goes in her gut and how it affects her thought processes and the way she goes on about life.

Her breakthrough came when she turned to juicing and sticking to a high alkaline diet as recommended by Dr. Sebi (a holistic practitioner) who believes in natural therapies and Dr. R. Young (a blood analyst).

This changed her life completely, she did not get the winter Flu Viruses and the colds that used to bother her when she did not eat well. Hydrotherapy also helped as she noticed her skin started glowing after each colonic session. This led her to embark on a course to help others with similar problems and she has never looked back.

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