Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy Treatment

Understanding Colon Hydrotherapy or Colonic Irrigation

Colon hydrotherapy involves gentle, continual bathing of the colon by infusing warm filtered water into the rectum. This process enables the water to cleanse the large intestine, resulting in a gentle release. During the treatment, purified and filtered, temperature-controlled water is fed into the colon at a controlled rate. Although this process is sometimes uncomfortable, it’s not painful.

The water flow triggers a response in which the patient begins to expel the water and waste through a tube that allows the therapist to monitor the expelled bowel contents. This response is known as peristalsis, which is a normal pattern of smooth muscle contractions that propel foodstuffs through the digestive tract. During the treatment, the therapist gently massages the patient's abdomen to help dislodge impacted matter.

The Treatment

Please plan with 1.5 hours for your first appointment. First you will fill out an assessment form and we will discuss your current situation in details. Why you decided to have a colonic treatment and what your goals are. We will ask you a lot of questions to assess the reason of your problems and to be able to give you the best customized service. Then we will walk you through the procedure in details, even if you had colonics before. Then we will start your 30-40 minutes colonic hydrotherapy treatment. During the process we will continuously update you on the progress and based on the results we will adjust the treatment for your own needs: you need more massage or you need more time on your side or your back, it all depends on how you react to the treatment. It is all personalized to your own needs to get the most out of your treatment. Our therapists will work with you to achieve the right balance and to get the most results.

After the treatment, first you will receive some probiotics to help rebalance your gut flora to the optimum level. You will also receive a nice glass of juice to rebalance your body’s electrolytes. All these are included in the price of a first treatment.

After helping set your goals you can make your next appointment. It is usually recommended to have three treatments 1-2 weeks apart, then a maintenance program on a quarterly basis. That is why we have discounted packages for 3 and 6 treatments. But you can also choose to have a one of appointment. We will also discuss the after-care form that you will get to take with you. Dietary advice is also given. Depending on your current status and goals, we might advise you to embark on a full detox program, conducted by our main therapist, Andrea Okos. This is comprised of a step by step process, including colonic therapies, juice fast periods and other dietary changes. Our goal is to achieve long term sustainable results by taking baby steps, which will be much manageable and attainable and guarantees long term results. Part of this process you will learn skills for life (e.g. for juice fasting we will prepare your juices first, but later we will coach you on what juicer/blender to invest into based on your own needs and goals and we will teach you the most efficient way of juicing for life, that you can work into any busy schedule).

Colon Hydrotherapy in BelleCelle

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Colon Hydrotherapy in Light Centre

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Enemas & Implants£30

Functional Medicine Health and Wellness Coaching – programs are customised for your needs. Please book your 90 min initial discussion (£120 at the Light Centre, £70 by Video conferencing).

Please check with me as I have temporary discounts for the initial 90 min discussion.

Terms and Conditions

Terms of Booking
By making your appointment with us, you agree to observe our terms of booking. A 30% deposit applies. FULL payment is required at the time of the appointment.
A minimum cancellation period of 48 hours is required for a full refund. You can however reschedule 24 hours in advance or transfer the booking to somebody else. If you passed the 24 hours and you have not cancelled or rescheduled you will lose your deposit.
Any health information given to you by the therapist during any appointment or consultation, whether on the phone or in the office, handout or website is not intended to replace the relationship with your primary healthcare provider and it is not intended as medical advice. DO NOT discontinue any medication until you have consulted with your primary healthcare provider.

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